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Gambar Rangkaian USB Sound Card PCM2702

Gambar Rangkaian USB Sound Card PCM2702 Gambar Rangkaian USB Sound Card PCM2702

PCM2702 needs only few additional parts to work. The schematic is not complex. Sound card can be powered directly from USB port (jumper W1) or from external power supply (jumper W3). PCM2702 needs two power supply 3.3V (3V-3.6V) & 5V (4.5V-5.5V). I used fixed output voltage LDO TPS76733Q for 3.3V (IO2) & adjustable output voltage LDO TPS76701Q for 5V (IO3). Both LDO are produced by TI, I used this because I had it in my drawer. Any similar LDO can be used. Output voltage of IO3 ought to be set to small bit lower than input voltage to allow LDO lovely stabilization, in my case output voltage is set to 4.8V. Output voltage can be set by adjustable resistor R33. In case of low power supply, IO3 can be shorted by jumper W3. LED D3 signalizes power on.

The core of this construction is 16-Bit Stereo Digital-To-Analog Convertor with USB interface PCM2702.

small ferrite beads are placed before all power pins of PCM2702 & in Vbus & GND of USB. These small beads reduce high frequency hum. I had a controversy find this small SMD ferrite beads in local stores but finally I acquire few of them from elderly hard drive. we're not absolutely necessary, you can use zero ohm resistors in lieu of them.

Low-pass filter is placed in output signal path to reduce sampling frequency. An OPA2353UA dual op amp is configured as a stereo 2nd-order low-pass filter. Led diode D1 is illuminated when PCM2702 plays audio information received from the USB bus. Led diode D2 is illuminated when USB bus suspends audio information transmission to the PCM2702.