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HI-FI Stereo transmitter with BA1404

HI-FI Stereo transmitter with BA1404HI-FI Stereo transmitter with BA1404 Circuit Diagram

Whether you appetite to actualize your own radio station, address the music about the house, or artlessly actualize a wireless articulation amid your iPod and a receiver in your car, this transmitter will let you do these things easily. With BA1404 HI-FI Stereo transmitter you will be able to address MP3 music from your iPod, computer, discman, walkman, TV / SAT receiver, and abounding added audio sources.

The aloft FM transmitter architecture is a aftereffect of abounding hours of testing and tweaking. The ambition was simple; to analysis abounding absolute BA1404 transmitter designs, analyze their performance, analyze weaknesses and appear up with a new BA1404 transmitter architecture that improves complete quality, has actual acceptable abundance stability, maximizes transmitter’s range, and is adequately simple for anybody to build. We are blessed to advertise that this ambition and expectations accept been met and alike exceeded.

The transmitter can assignment from a distinct 1.5V corpuscle array and accommodate accomplished bright clear stereo sound. It can additionally be supplied from two 1.5V array beef to accommodate the best range.