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200W ATX PC Power Supply uses chip TL494

200W ATX PC Power Supply uses chip TL494200W ATX PC Power Supply uses chip TL494

This ability accumulation circuit uses chip TL494. Similar ambit is acclimated in the best ability food with achievement ability about 200W.Device use push-pull transistor ambit with adjustment of achievement voltage.

Line voltage goes through ascribe clarify circuit (C1, R1, T1, C4, T5) to the arch rectifier. When voltage is switched from 230V to 115V, again rectifier works like a doubler. Varistors Z1 and Z2 accept overvoltage assure action on the band input.

Thermistor NTCR1 banned ascribe accepted until capacitors C5 and C6 are charged. R2 and R3 are alone for acquittal capacitors afterwards disconnecting ability supply. When ability accumulation is affiliated to the band voltage, again at aboriginal are answerable capacitors C5 and C6 calm for about 300V.

Then booty a run accessory ability accumulation controlled by transistor Q12 and on his achievement will be voltage. Behind the voltage regulator IC3 will be voltage 5V, which goes in to the motherboard and it is all-important for aces argumentation and for "Wake on something" functions.

Next unstabilized voltage goes through diode D30 to the capital ascendancy dent IC1 and ascendancy transistors Q3 and Q4. When capital ability accumulation is running, again this voltage goes from +12V achievement through diode D.