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Audio Amplifier using Squelsh-Control

Audio Amplifier using Squelsh-ControlAudio Amplifier using Squelsh-Control

The Agenda volumecontrol assemblage (DS1869) can accept the ascribe arresting from two ways. One is the absolute ascribe band the added is through a lowpass filter. I accept fabricated this clarify actual sharp, so if there is any ancillary nois from synthesizers (12.5kHz wine) It will be filtered away, se amount below. I accept acclimated a simple two-ways about-face to baddest the inputs.

The DS1869 is a agenda potensiometer. This circuit can be configured in several altered ways. I use alone one ascribe to set the aggregate control. Se datasheets for futher information.

LM386 is a able-bodied accepted audio amplifier. The accretion in this ambit can be set with jumpers. I accept fabricated 3 altered accretion levels.

The LM311 ambit is a comparator. I compares the Ref in with the RSSI in. The Ref in is a capricious voltage from a potensiometer. If the RSSI akin goes college than the preset value, of Ref in, the achievement will go low and trigg the monostabil ambit (NE555). When NE555 is trigged, its achievement goes aerial for a preset time (0.5s), and the realy will draw and let the audiosignal go out to the amplifier and to the speaker.