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Digital Alarm Speedometer Circuit

Digital Alarm Speedometer Circuit
This Digital Alarm Speedometer Circuit. It allows us to appraise the acceleration of any article moving, abnormally cars and added vehicles. The acceleration is affected in kilometers per hour (KPH). Its affectation has three digits. This alarm works with the laser reflexion. It sends laser radiation to the article and this article reflects the laser radiation to the radar. To appraise the acceleration of a vehicle, we charge be in advanced of it. In added words, the agent charge appear in our direction. The advanced of the alarm charge point the advanced of the vehicle. The alarm has the appearance of a pistol. In this radar, it has a laser LED and a laser diode. Both accept a lens.

The laser LED can accelerate a atom of ablaze to a ambit of 90 m (295 ft). It's actual important that the ambit ambit of the laser LED is 90 m, if not, the acceleration will not be affected properly. The laser diode, which receives the ablaze arresting by the laser LED, charge be able to ascertain the ablaze which is aforementioned blush as that emitted by the laser LED. The laser diode and the laser LED charge be placed one beside the other. They are adequate by a brave pane. They charge be placed at the advanced of the alarm and point the outside. The alarm is powered by a 9V array and it has a SPST about-face to ascendancy its ability state.

The display, or the acceleration indicator, is placed at the rear of the radar, aloof on the appropriate of the afflict LED indicator. All the argumentation apparatus of the ambit charge be of the 74AS alternation and TTL type. Because they accept abbreviate time of acknowledgment (less than 1.7 ns) and accept aerial abundance supports (more than 200 MHz). The alarm can appraise the acceleration of an article affective amid 0 to 999 km/h. Afterwards this speed, the afflict LED indicator will about-face on and the "999" will still displayed. The alarm displays the acceleration during 3 seconds, afterwards this time, it displays "zero" (0)