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Simple Audio Booster circuit

Simple Audio Booster circuitSimple Audio Booster circuit

Here the simple, low bulk and accessible audio booster circuit. It uses a transistor of 2N3392 ad the capital amplifier.

This ambit has a maximurn accretion of about 22 dB (voltage gain). The abundance acknowledgment of the amplifier is absitively primarily by the bulk of aloof a few components, primarily C1 and R1. The ethics aural the schematic architecture present a acknowledgment of ±3.0 dB from about 120 Hz to college than 20,000 Hz. In fact, the abundance acknowledgment is adjudicator collapsed from about 170 Hz to added than 20,000 Hz; it is the low end that deviates from a collapsed abundance response.

The low end’s roll-off is mainly a action of capacitor C1 (considering that RI’s arresting bulk is fixed). If C1′s bulk is afflicted to 0.1 pF, the low end’s addition frequency-the abundance at which the low-end roll-off starts-is decreased to about 70 Hz. Should you charge an alike added low-end roll-off, adapt C1 to a 1.0 pF capacitor; if it is an electrolytic type, accomplish assertive that it is installed into the ambit calm with the adapted polarity, with the absolute terminal affiliated to Q1′s abject terminal.

Component List:

R1 = 47K
R2 = 470K
R3 = 10K
R4 = 560R
R5 = 270R
C1 = 0.1uF/25v
C2 = 3.3uF/25v
C3 = 470uF/25V
P1 = 100K
Q1 = 2N3392
D1 = 5mm. Red Led
B1 = 9v Battery
J1 = RCA Audio Input Socket
J2 = RCA Audio Output Socket