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Bass-Trable Audio Tone Control

Bass-Trable Audio Tone ControlBass-Trable Audio Tone Control

This is a simple tone control can be used 05 audio applications. Amplifers can be added to, which is used as a single control module, or integrated into new and exciting instruments. IC is a construction of a circuit makes it very compact, with only a few support components are needed. In addition, it uses dual power supply. This means that the circuit will run from 9V to 15V (although the low will be a little weaker 9V).

IC LM1036 controls the tone (bass / treble), volume and balance circuit for stereo applications in car radio systems, television and audio. An additional control input allows loudness compensation to be made simply. Four control inputs allow to control bass, treble, balance and volume functions through application of DC voltages from a remote control system, or from four potentiometers which may be biased a source of regulated zener always in the circuit. Each tone response is defined by a single capacitor chosen to give the desired characteristic.

Note: Vcc can be anything between 9V to 16V and the output capacitors are 10uF/25V electrolytic.

Tone Control Features:
* Wide supply voltage range, 9V to 16V
* Large volume control range, 75 dB typical
* Tone control, 15 dB typical
* Channel separation, 75 dB typical
* Low distortion, 0.06% typical for an input level of 0.3 Vrms
* High signal to noise, 80 dB typical for an input level of 0.3 Vrms
* Few external components required