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LM1036N Stereo Tone Control

LM1036N Stereo Tone Control

LM1036 operates DC controlled tone (bass / treble), volume and balance circuit uses a stereo in your car radio, television and audio equipment. control input outweighs the volume is simply applied. Four control inputs provide control bass, treble, volume and capacity, by applying tension on the remote control, or in addition, four controllers can be distorted by zener regulated delivery on the track. Each sound is determined by a capacitor selected so that the main function.

Tone Control Features:

* Wide voltage range of 9V and 16V

* A higher signal to noise, 80 dB typical income level is 0.3 Vrms

* Wide range of volume control, 75 dB typical

* Channel separation, 75 dB typical

* Low distortion, 0.06% is typical for an entry level of 0.3 Vrms

* Tone control range, 15 dB typical

* Few external components needed

Note: VDC power input could be anything between 9V to 16V and the output of electrolytic capacitors are also 10uF/25V.