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Gambar Skema Condenser Microphone Amplifier

Gambar Skema Condenser Microphone AmplifierGambar Skema Condenser Microphone Amplifier

The amplifier has an adjustable gain, which is performed by. R1 (a 1 Mega Ohm variable resistor). It controls the feedback of the 741 opamp, which in turn drive a 2N2222 output transistor.

The circuit takes the audio signal rom the condenser microphone & amplifier it, so you are able to use the microphone as the input to some device which wouldn't normally accept microphone level signals (which are very low).

Parts List:
  • U1 - LM741 op amp ic
  • R1 - 1 megohm resistor
  • R2, R3 - 6.8k ohm resistor
  • R4 - 1k ohm resistor
  • C1, C2 - 0.47uF ceramic capacitor
  • MIC1 - electret condenser microphone

All resistors are 5 or 10 percent tolerance, 1/4-watt. All capacitors are 10 percent tolerance, rated 35 volts or higher.