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LED Drive using TPS61042

LED Drive using TPS61042LED Drive using TPS61042 Schematic Diagram

This Chip from TI is simple to accommodate into your designs and this band-aid is acceptable for assembly of lighting gadgets, actuality a constant affection and anticipated achievement is calmly obtained.

TPS61042 30-V, 500-mA Switch Boost Converter in QFN-8 for White LED Applications

LED-driver appliance that drives four LEDs with 20 mA of advanced accepted and operates from an ascribe voltage ambit of 1.8 to 6.0 V.

The absolute ambit consists of the ascendancy IC, two baby bowl caps, an inductor, a diode, and a accepted faculty resistor. The primary power-supply functions and the accessory appearance such as amount disconnect, overvoltage protection, and PWM concealment accept been implemented with a ascendancy IC and bristles baby surface-mount acquiescent components. Read added – LED Drive TPS61042 at eem