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Simple Circuit Car Battery Charger

Simple Circuit Car Battery ChargerSimple Circuit Car Battery Charger

This actual simple ambit uses a agent ,two diodes , a capacitor and an ammeter.

To allegation a array aloof affix the + and - terminals of the ambit to the agnate terminals of the battery.

When the array is not charged, the ammeter account shows 1-3 amps.

When the array is absolutely answerable the ammeter reads Aught or about zero, afterwards which the array should be removed from the


The ambit is a abounding beachcomber rectifier application 2 diodes for rectification. The capacitor is acclimated for smoothing.

I anticipate the ambit works accomplished after the capacitor back the array itself acts a BIG capacitor. But back you are application the

circuit to accumulation 12V (as a array eliminator) the capacitor needs to be present.

Care should be taken NOT to about-face the + and - terminals while abutting it to the battery.