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5 Band equalizer using IC BA3812L

5 Band equalizer using IC BA3812L
In this part of the inquiry in a series of 5-band Equalizer circuits with a single IC BA3812 L. a device used in the hi-fi. IC BA 3812 This is with 5-point Equalizer with all the functions integrated in IC.

Equalizer has advantages, namely: small distortion, a small noise, dinamic local area, & is suitable for a series of hi-fi stereo. & with a wide voltage range from three.5 volt to 16 volt. Voltage is the recommended 8 volt but according 9volt highest voltage.

The following 5 frequency channels from this series:

100 hz
300 hz
1 khz
3 khz
10 khz

5 band simple Equalizer

5 Band equalizer using IC BA3812LFollowing series can be used as a five channel Equalizer simple cheap. Working principle of this series is a series of band pass frequency with middle frequency of ten kHz, two.5 kHz, 625 Hz, 40 Hz and 155Hz. By using potensiometer, the worth of each frequency band pass feasible change.