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Driver Led Dot Matrix 8 X 8 circuit

Driver Led Dot Matrix 8 X 8 circuitDriver Led Dot Matrix 8 X 8 circuit

in a continuing series can find a way to drive a LED array with 64 LEDs (8 rows by 8 columns - 8x8 screen) or less, for example, 35 LEDs (7 rows and 5 columns - 5x7 points). Driving a 64 LED matrix display is simple and requires only the parent unit led by example, more than 128 or multiplier can develop by itself.

Use persistence of vision to drive the LED matrix of 64 microcontroller with only 10 starts! Normally it takes 64 outputs of 64 LEDs, but by using multiplexing and a chip support you can get away with 10.

Multiplexing LED display simply means an LED light for a short period of time and do this several times for each LED. If you do this fast enough, then your eye will not notice any flicker.

The unit used in this project is simply an array of 64 LEDs.
LEDs are no different than any other LED, but it saves a lot of welding and all wiring has been done for you. Or you can wire yourself if you can not be done with the module.
If the same thread that still has only 10 control cables (LEDs wired just the same as shown in the diagram of the module)