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5 Volt Regulator using Dioda Zener

5 Volt Regulator using Dioda Zener
The regulator circuit is basically using the zener regulator is configured with an NPN transistor to produce a large amount of cash. the controller operates in the zener breakdown voltage to produce the same results with the zener voltage. VBE is the voltage emitor base size transistor Q1 from 0.2 to 0.7 volts depending on the type of transistor used.

Components List:
* R1 = 560 ohms
* C1 = 1000uF/40V
* C2 = 10uF/25V
* C3 = 330nF
* Z1 = 5.7 V
* Q1 = ECG184, NTE184

This regulator series of functions to change the voltage from 12 to 5 volts. The core of this series is the zener diode. due to a voltage drop across Zener diode 12 is 5.7 volts. voltage electrical currents to 5.7 volts, reinforced by Q1 taransiator

For an output voltage that can change the zener diode as needed. For example, if you need a converter to change from 12 to 9 volt Zener diode eat 5.7 to 10 volts.